Suggested Trips

Chartiers Creek

This Ohio River – Chartiers Creek trip launches at Westhall Street for a seven-mile tour. Paddle upriver past Western Penitentiary and around the tip of Brunots Island. The island’s back channel, free of barge traffic, leads to the mouth of Chartiers Creek on the left bank. After passing under railroad and highway bridges, paddle up this quiet waterway until the water gets shallow. Return to the Westhall Street launch by floating back to the Ohio River and rounding Brunots Island. Yield to barge traffic. 

Raccoon Creek

This Ohio River – Raccoon Creek trip launches at Bridgewater, Freedom, Monaca, New Brighton, or Rochester for a ten to fourteen-mile tour. Float downriver past the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Bridge. Following the left bank leads to the mouth of Raccoon Creek. Paddle up this quiet waterway until the Rocky Bottom launch. Return to the launch point by floating back to the Ohio River and paddling back to your origin.  Yield to barge traffic. 

Ohio River Islands

Georgetown and Phillis Islands are part of the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Freshwater mussels, migratory birds, wildlife and their habitats are the focus of refuge management. The Ohio River Islands trip launches at Lock 57 Park for a ten-mile tour. Paddle upriver on the right bank to Georgetown Island. Cross the Ohio River and continue to the left bank and the tip of Phillis Island. Yield to barge traffic. Return to Ohioville by floating back to the Little Beaver Creek. Caution, do not enter the security zone near the power plant on the Ohio River, extending 200 feet from the shoreline of the left descending bank beginning from mile marker 34.6 and ending at mile marker 35.1.

Freedom to Leetsdale

This athletic trip travels upstream! For a challenging 18-mile paddle, begin at the Freedom Waterfront Park and propel upriver along the right bank past the Norfolk Southern Railroad Terminal and Old Economy Village to Leetsdale, home to a major 12-acre archaeological site dating back to 6000 BC. The return to the Freedom launch is a relaxing float back.